Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mona Hardas specializes in many cosmetic procedures. From vaginal rejuvenation to fat transfers, an improved you is just a consult away!

We offer the following cosmetic procedures:

We offer all of these procedures in our office. At your initial consultation, Dr. Hardas will evaluate your health and medical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. You will be examined to determine which procedure you’ll need. After discussing your surgical goals, we will take photographs, discuss your options with you and recommend a course or procedure treatment. All details, including risk and complications will be discussed in further detail at this time.


Be sure to ask questions. 


It is very important to understand all aspects of your vaginal rejuvenation process. It is natural to feel some form of anxiety before your procedure, so please don’t be shy and make sure that you share this information with Dr. Hardas. We’re here to help make your vaginal rejuvenation procedure easy and effective. 


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